A journey in queer time

6 juni i Stockholm. You are warmly invited to a guided meditation with Zafira Vrba Woodski as a part of their exhibition Pronomenserien at StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm. The meditation will take us on a journey in queer time as we connect with ourselves, our ancestors, and the endless chain of queer* beings who made our existence possible today.
Trans, non-binary, and queer beings and creatures have always been around on Earth and in the Universe. Regardless of what “history” tells us, our queer ancestry goes back to the beginning of time.
No previous experience of meditation or inner journeys is necessary.
If you are experienced, this will be a delicious journey for you too
The language of the meditation is English.

*Queer is a modern and Western term. It can be colonizing to label previous cultures with words like queer and trans. In this context ‘queer’ means something/someone who exist outside gender binaries or other normative structures.PRACTICAL DETAILS:

We kindly ask for a donation of 50 SEK. Please send a DM to Zafira to reserve your spot and receive payment info.
We meet at 3pm and finish around 5pm. Please be on time.
There will be time to also have a look at Zafira’s exhibition at StaDemonia.
There is a limited number if participants and everyone will get their own spot on the floor with safe corona-distance to other participants.

Please bring:
• Yoga matt, blanket etc. to use on the floor. Chairs are available for those who prefer a sitting meditation
• Blindfold (optional)
• Notebook and pen (optional)
Zafira Vrba Woodski is an artist and a trans witch. They have been guiding meditations and performed ancestral work for many years. At the moment, Zafira is in training to become a Death Doula and an Interfaith Minister. They are also in the process of starting Sweden’s first queer funeral home.

SÖNDAG KL. 15:00
A journey in queer time
StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm
Evenemang av Zafira Vrba Woodski och Sara Swanson
StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm

Kostnad: Gratis· Längd: 2 h

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