LGBTQI+ rights under attack: the anti-gender movement in Europe

 TISDAG 18 AUGUSTI, online

Across Europe, conservative and nationalist movements and politicians are mobilizing to reverse the progress on sexual and reproductive rights that has been won by feminists and LGBTQIA+ activists across the continent during the last decades.
Who is behind the campaign against women’s and LGBTQIA+ people’s rights? What are their goals, and how can we protect and strengthen sexual and reproductive rights in the face of this opposition?

Anders Schröder, political adviser at RFSU

Neil Datta, Secretary of the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Ulrika Westerlund, LGBTQI activist who has researched the anti-gender movement
This session will be held digitally and livestreamed om WorldPride’s website.
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The seminar will be held in English and will be sign language interpreted. 
All of RFSU’s WorldPride events are being recorded and will be made available after the livestream for the duration of WorldPride.

 LGBTQI+ rights under attack: the anti-gender movement in Europe
18 AUGUSTI, online
Klockan 08:30–09:30
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