Taking action against gender-based violence


Why is gender-based violence a matter of democracy and human rights?
During 22-26 November we are hosting a week for discussions and advocacy on how we take action against gender-based violence.

Seminars during the week
Tuesday 14-15:30 CET
Elected to Lead – Threats and violence against women in politics

Thursday 14:30 -15:00 CET
Coffee with Raluca Maria Popa

Friday 14-15:30 CET
Let’s LEARN: How do we take action against GBV?
More information about the seminars and how to register is found in the discussion section of this event and on the events website.

What else is happening?
On social media we will show how civil society around the world is working to end gender-based violence in conflict, post-conflict and peacebuilding contexts. Join our campaign using hashtags #TakeAction and #EndGBV.

New podcast episode of Gender Kaleidoscope
This podcast, in Spanish and English, contributes to the recognition, inclusion and construction of just gender relations from diverse and local voices around the world. We highlight their voices as they challenge and transform gender stereotypes, gender violence and gender inequalities daily.
This week is organized by ForumCiv, IKFF and The Hunger Project Sweden.

Taking action against gender-based violence
KL. 09:00
Onlineevenemang av Internationella Kvinnoförbundet för Fred och Frihet, IKFF, The Hunger Project Sverige och ForumCiv

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