Democratic development in the Anthropocene


Online lecture with Lisa Gålmark

Standard representations of democratic development may contain important clues as to why humanity’s and nonhumanity’s common existence is currently exposed to a material, social, and existential crisis. Starting from this trajectory the lecture examines which groups in society have traditionally been left out of parliamentary politics and how these exclusions are linked to the planetary crisis: Why is the Anthropocene rather the Anthroandropocene? How may democracy be strengthened, and the planetary crisis be decreased by considering and also reforming and revolutionizing the relationship to the nonhuman in society and in nature?

Wednesday, 9 Feb. at 6:00-8:00 pm (CET)
Location: The lecture will be held online, link will be sent via e-mail the same day to those registered.
Register: Send a notification via [email protected] no later than Tuesday, 8 Feb.