March 8: The future for Afghan women


The situation for women in Afghanistan has deteriorated rapidly since the Taliban seized power. Despite promises from the regime to safeguard women’s rights, women have been excluded from society at different levels.
Many schools for adolescent girls have been shut. Women have been barred from government positions. Their right to work has been restricted. Freedom of speech is diminishing and women who participated in street protests have gone into hiding, fearing for their lives.
However, the women of Afghanistan stand ready to defend their rights. In different forums and forms, they are calling for equal opportunities. They will not allow the gains made in the last 20 years to be reversed. How have the lives of women changed under Taliban rule? How can women’s rights be defended? What can the international community do to support Afghan women?

Join us for a conversation with:
Madina Mahboobi, External Advocacy, WILPF Afghanistan
Mahbouba Seraj, Afghan Women and Human Rights Activist
Moderator: Hedvig Söderlund, Policy Advisor, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
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March 8: The future for Afghan women
KLOCKAN 12:00–12:45
Evenemang av Svenska Afghanistankommittén