Women in Tech @ D-Congress in Gothenburg


How can new technology and e-commerce contribute to a more sustainable society?
Welcome to our meet-up with Sweden’s largest e-commerce event D-Congress on Wednesday April 27 in Gothenburg. We have 200 free tickets to the women in tech community!
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On the afternoon of April 27, the day before the big D-Congress conference starts, WIT will host conversations on how to use tech to create sustainable impact. We’ll hear from female CEOs of successful e-commerce companies about their strategy regarding sustainability work digitally and what SUStech they use today. How do they plan gender equality work internally and specifically in tech?

The event will be held in Swedish except for one keynote. : : :
We’ll gain knowledge about how to create a more inclusive environment through data and hear women’s stories about their career change to working with tech from not having the experience at all. The mini-conference is moderated by Women in Tech’s Paulina Modlitba.

Malin Winbom – COO Svensk Handel
Nora Bavey – entrepreneur, speaker and investor at Unconventional Ventures
Sheree Atcheson – Group VP of Diversity & Inclusion, ValTech
Susanne Holmström – CEO NetOnNet
Susanne Ehnbåge – CEO Lindex
Kristina Lukes – CEO Nelly
Annica Rantala – CEO Stronger
Marielle Jensen – CTO The Folklore Company
Anna Gustafsson – UX Designer Kappahl
Gül Heper – founder CMO goes Tech & CMO at DBT Capital
Beatrice Silow – Director Communications & Culture, Nexer
Marianne Uddman – Head of Sustainability, Trustrace
Anna Winde – VP Sustainability NA-KD
More details about the program here.

Women in Tech @ D-Congress in Gothenburg
KL. 13:00–17:00
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Evenemang av Women In Tech Sweden
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