End ecocide to speed up the green transition


We are in the middle of a global ecological crisis, where human actors are systematically destroying nature. This is completely legal today. How would an international law against severe damage of ecosystems – ecocide – transform the global economy and help bring about the green and just transition we so desperately need?
Exactly 50 years ago, the Social Democratic leader Olof Palme stood at the original Stockholm conference and argued for an international law against ecocide to end impunity for mass environmental destruction.
Since then, the destruction of our nature and climate for profit has intensified and is now a major threat against humanity. Besides fueling the climate and ecological crisis, neoliberal capitalism has also produced staggering inequality, and placed workers’ rights under attack. It is clear that the global economy must undergo fundamental and rapid changes if we are to protect both workers and our living planet.
That is why trade unions all over the world are demanding a Just Transition. All jobs must become green and decent, and workers and communities must have a say in how these changes are made.
But in order to achieve a global Just Transition, we need new rules in the world economy. A binding legal framework is necessary to end old, colonial and destructive practices, and to ensure that all industries assume responsibility for their impact on both workers, communities and ecosystems. An ecocide law could provide this guardrail.
Join this webinar to find out how legal support for a Just Transition has the power to make the Decade of Action truly live up to its name.
The webinar will be in English.
Jojo Mehta, Executive Director Stop Ecocide International
Anabela Lemos, from Mozambique, climate activist and leader of the organization Justiça Ambiental
Dalia Marquez, from Venezuela, part of Youth Environment Assembly at UNEA in Nairobi

Jytte Guteland, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament
The webinar is co-hosted by Olof Palme International Center, SOLIDAR, End Ecocide Sweden, Stop Ecocide International, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and Foundation for European Progressive Studies.

Evenemang tisdag 17 maj kl. 12:00 online (Facebook live).