ARTIVISM: From passion to climate justice action


Welcome to a seminar on artivism – the powerful combination of art and activism! Join online or drop by at one of our three makerspaces where this event will be livestreamed. More info at the bottom.



There are as many ways of doing activism as there are people on this earth. One way to go about it, is to tap into the potential of what you already enjoy doing! It might be your hobby, your profession, or simply something you do to relax. Regardless of what, there is most definitely a way for you to use it in the fight for climate justice. You just have to be creative.

With ‘Eywa’ as alias, Swedens Official Dancehall Queen Karolina Carlsson creates artivism. Growing up in the Swedish streetdance community and specialized for many years in the Jamaican genre Dancehall, she uses her dancing as a tool to call for action and spread awareness about the urgent planetary emergency. Karolina currently works at Greenpeace Sweden as well as being active in different parts of the climate justice movement. Sharing stories from her own journey of being a non-actor to a full time activist, we’ll together explore different ways to transform passion into climate justice action.


Meeting ID: 857 3586 7019
Passcode: 722064

Evenemang av Planet OneMomentum och Bolygó

Monday May 23rd at 17-18.15 CET

Feel free to watch the seminar at one of our makerspaces in Budapest, Nairobi or Stockholm (drop-in, no registration necessary):
– Bolygo, Turbina Culture Center, Vajdahunyad utca 4 (Budapest, Hungary)
– Ubunifu Hub, Cedar Court, Garden Estate (Nairobi, Kenya)
– Momentum, Fryshusets Gymnasium, Mårtendalsgatan 4 (Stockholm, Sweden)


Planet One is an initiative to support the growing global youth movement for climate justice.