Queerest Drag Course


Do you want to do Drag!? Do you want to know more about the world of Drag?

Let’s explore the world of drag from the history around the world to your heart! We will explore the important activism part of drag, the diversity of drag – From drag queen queer king and more!, the process of metamorphosis – Changing the outside amplifies your inner energy, until the self-confidence to perform on stage!

This course will be held by Uppsala Drag Queer, Klamydia Von Karma, in an open-minded inclusive environment! Stay tuned, maybe more dragqueen might join!!! 

Save the date! 28th of May at Femman!

The entrance is 50 kronor and all events at Femman are members-only, and the list closes the day before the event. Everyone is welcome to become members for 100 kronor/calendar year at www.khusuppsala.org

Evenemang av QUEERESTKulturhuset Femman och Anis Meschichi
på Kulturhuset Femman lördag den 28 maj klockan 14.30

Prenumerera gratis på vårt
Prenumerera gratis på vårt