The war in Ukraine, effects on SRHR


RFSU Stockholm invites you to a panel discussion on how the full-scale war in Ukraine is effecting sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Participants in the panel are Yosh head of the NGO Feminist Workshop located in Lviv, Julie Taft Humanitarian Director for IPPF and Eva Zillén Senior Advisor Kvinna till Kvinna. All will share their perspectives and experiences on the subject. After their presentations there will be time for questions and discussion. RFSU Stockholm will moderate the discussion.

WHEN? June 15th AT 18:00-19.30 (CEST) including a short break.

WHERE? The panel discussion will be held on Zoom.

REGISTRATION LINK: Do you want a Zoominvite via mail before the panel discussion, please fill out this registration form.
The link to Zoom will also be available in the FB-group “RFSU medlemmar”. If you are a RFSU member, you can join this group.

The discussion will be held in English.

A short introduction of the participants:

Yosh is the head of the NGO ”Feminist Workshop” (Lviv, Ukraine). They mainly work with reproductive health and sexual education for young women and adolescent girls. The organization has promoted sexual eduction in schools since 2016, organize non-formal meetings with teenagers, publish educational materials on their website, make printed materials and arrange awareness raising groups for women about sex. With the outbreak of a full-scale war, the organization is supporting the internally displaced women and feminist communities in order to continue this work in an integrated manner and overcome the division of society into victims and saviors.
VIsit their website and Instagram.

Julie Taft has been Humanitarian Director for International Planned Parenthood Federation since 2019. Julie has over 20 years of experience implementing sexual and reproductive health services for international health NGOs in crisis settings in over a dozen countries including Afghanistan, Haiti, Sudan and Sierra Leone. Julie leads the IPPF Humanitarian Team in assisting Member Associations to more effectively and efficiently respond to crises. In March, Julie traveled to Hungary, Romania and Moldova to support partners in their response to the Ukraine crisis.
IPPF response to the Ukraine crisis:
IPPF is leveraging relationships with local partners and their networks of partners including service providers such as OBGYNs and psychologists. Interventions focus on an integrated SRH-GBV model that facilitates access to and delivery of life-saving SRHR services (per the Minimum Initial Service Package) in person and through virtual and hotline consultation, including contraceptives, STI and HIV care, safe abortion access, clinical management of rape and psychosocial support and GBV mitigation strategies; distribution of dignity kits and menstrual hygiene items. IPPF response includes supporting 11 partners across Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova.

Eva Zillén is Senior Advisor at the Kvinna till Kvinna foundation, and one of its founders. She has worked supporting women rights activists in conflict affected areas for 30 years, and SRHR has always been an important issue throughout. Eva has been to Ukraine several times the last 7-8 years (before the pandemic) and is currently working on the security for women human rights defenders, combatting shrinking space and anti-gender movements and movement building among other things.

Kvinna till Kvinna has supported women’s organisations in Ukraine earlier, and since the escalation of the war have reconnected with activists inside and outside of Ukraine. One of the focus areas is, as always, SRHR and sexual violence in conflict.

Evenemang av RFSU Stockholm och The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation

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