Nordic Women Composers


Two meetings: 09.30-12.30 Thursday 7 sept + Friday 8 sept
Export of Music by Nordic Women Composers

We will create a new data base with works by women and nonbinary composers in the genre of Western Art Music from the Nordic countries.
What should the database be called and how do we increase the proportion of historical music?

This autumn we are hiring a project manager on a part-time basis.
Contribute to our aim and take part in the seminars!

Seminar 7 and 8 September at 9.30-12.30

A suggested name is ”Nordic Music Database”, what do you think? Do you have a suggestion of your own?

How did ”Levande Musikarv” in Sweden do when they found unreleased older music? Savo Music Society delivers success after success and digitizes older music – how do they work?

Program items:
Day 1 Thursday 7 September
09.30-10.10 Current situation in the project and the various Nordic countries. Questions.
10.10-10.50 Historical music part 1 – find and make available
10.50-11.10 Break
11.10-12.10 Marketing of the database and its name
12.10-12.30 Time for upcoming topics
Day 2 Friday 8 September
09.30-10.30 The name of the database. Project content and timeframe.
10.30-11.00 Historical music part 2 – challenges and recordings
11.00-11.20 Break
11.20-11.50 Historical music
11.50-12.30 Maybe a decision about the name of the database! Summary, questions and goodbye

More info: https://kvast.org/nordisk-repertoarbank/

You are most welcome with any kind of knowledge, experience and perspective.

Greetings from the steering committee for the Nordic database project
Camilla Hambro – musikforskare och universitetslektor vid Åbo Universitet. Norge och Finland

Michelle Demant – kommunikatör och projektarbete, Dansk komponistforening. Danmark

Petteri Nieminen – Savolax musikaliska sällskap som digitaliserar historisk musik. Finland

Sofia Sahlin – projektledare, musiker och ordförande i KVAST. Sverige
[email protected] +46 (0)70-628 83 58


Gender equality on the concert stage – for democracy and artistic exellence

Evenemang torsdag 7 och fredag 8 september kl. 9.30 till 12.30 online anordnat av Kvast.

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