Transforming Global Economies 


During #ClimateWeek please join us on September 19 for a virtual WECAN event: “Transforming Global Economies for People, Planet, and a Just Transition” highlighting alternative economic models and frameworks that center care for people and planet! Register & learn more: https://tinyurl.com/2p87waex

During this event, global women leaders will spotlight alternative economic models, solutions, and frameworks that are predicated on community-led solutions, Indigenous knowledge, and ancient concepts of reciprocity with the Earth and all living beings. Topics include land rematriation and Land Back, care economy, post-growth, Buen Vivir, and much more. There are alternative economies to learn from and an emergence of socially just, place-based, caring economic models that are structuring a path forward for people and planet.

Confirmed speakers to date include: Monique Verdin (Houma Nation), WECAN Food Sovereignty Program Coordinator in the Gulf South, Turtle Island, USA; Nati Greene, Global Coordinator and Co-founder of the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature, Ecuador; Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Climate Policy Program Director, Roosevelt Institute, Turtle Island/USA; Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Co-President of The Club of Rome, Belgium; Moderation and comments by Osprey Orielle Lake, Executive Director, WECAN.
This event is part of WECAN’s 2023 Climate Justice Forum, taking place concurrently with Climate Week and the UN General Assembly. Learn more about all our events and advocacy efforts at Climate Week here: https://www.wecaninternational.org/climate-week-2023